Take Back Your Home This Season
with Designer Ann McDonald

How many times have you decorated the SAME tree to get it just right & then said “my kids did it” when your friends come over…..

Do you have stashes of extra Holiday Decor just in case you “change your mind”….again?….an hour before the party?…..

Are you still using the excuse “my family decorates the tree” to cover up the fear of not getting the look you really want to try this season?

How about this one: “I don’t like super designed Christmas Trees & friend’s homes that look too perfect”, meanwhile you are secretly scouring Pinterest, Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn & Horchow Home for ideas…

As one client said, “Never fear (girl)friends, your solution is HERE!” 

Decorate so beautifully your friends and family will ask you for tips.

How about this: decorate so peacefully your spouse or s-o won’t be looking for excuses to “watch the game at the club” or “meet with clients” when you start to mention holiday decor!

Never taken an online workshop? Watch this SNEAK PEEK & see how the course is set up!

It’s so easy to NAVIGATE from your tablet, phone or computer. Take confidence with you when you shop.

Do you love to decorate but get nervous and all ‘perfectionist’ around the holidays? Would you love a gorgeous home but can’t seem to decide on a color scheme or holiday theme? Have you ever hidden boxes of decorations because you ran out of time to finish? Ever left a bag of holiday decorations unopened because you weren’t sure where to use them?

Would you LOVE to have a beautifully decorated home – a GORGEOUS holiday home – but without the stress and mess or “what if’s”?

Dear homeowner, renter, small business owner, home-staging professional, real estate professional or non-profit leader & anyone who is in some way involved in getting a home, office or retail space ready for the holidays & needs to be hugely successful doing so:

With 27 years of Decorating homes across the country for clients from around the world, there are few things I love to do more, than DESIGN Holiday Homes. Clients schedule their design and planning sessions for each holiday season as early as June and July! We typically sell out, some planning sessions costing more than $10,000 for the design portion only, not including the materials and installation, by August for 1:1 appointments.

Because those spaces are highly limited and expensive, a few years back, I started hosting live small workshops in group formats and charge between $495 – $1995 for that teaching.

When we sold out again it occurred to me we should video these and offer the video training to any and all who wanted it.

We priced this Video Workshop Course at ONLY $139. Typically we sell our courses for $495 – $1995! That is less than than the cost of a SINGLE hour workshop.

There is so much stress that circles around homes during the holidays – my heart was to take that away. Memories, families – life — they should be wonderful during this season — this product is designed to HELP so you are no longer standing in the aisles of Pottery Barn or Target, or crying over the Frontgate Catalog because you don’t know what to order, in what color and quantity.

Let me share 25+ years of insider information.

I love teaching on these things. The materials and tips I share are designed to make your holidays LESS STRESSFUL and way MORE BEAUTIFUL. Less like a department store display, and more like you and your family.

I believe the Holidays should be a time of blessing and peace, not stressing and strife.

I know how stressful the holidays can be. I LOVE decorating – it’s my full time job – but even I can get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices sometimes!

How do I budget?

How do I plan?

When do I start?

Do I even want to decorate for the holidays?

Where can I discount vs where should I go all out?

What do I do with that old Christmas Village that mom loves but I hate?

What do I do if my home looks terrible with seasonal colors like red, green or blue and white?

We cover these and more in these Stress Free Holiday Home Workshop Videos!

I even include a BONUS VIDEO on entertaining & recipe for “cookie bribery” for those Santa’s Helpers who hang ornaments and spouses or significant others who help with boxes.

I know time is precious. I know expectations for the “Perfect Holiday” swirl. I know you are checking Pinterest. Everyone says it’s “so easy” but even the research time costs precious time and money. This Video Workshop series is designed to LOWER YOUR STRESS and INCREASE THE BEAUTY. I am a professional designer. This is what we do 24/7 for our valued clients, many of whom come back year after year after year. We are not a “Discount Design Firm” so the things I share will not look shoddy or cheap.

4 Workshop sessions + BONUS. You’ll access over 27+ years of luxury decorating experience. Take my model and make your home so beautiful, friends ask YOU for advice. They will say things like:

  • How did you make that look so easy?
  • Why are there no messy unfinished boxes in your front hall like last year?
  • Your home looks less cluttered but MORE beautiful!
  • I love the photo book you made of your collections!

The Holiday Season can be the most stressful time of year. My heart is to equip you to EASE that process by making your HOME BEAUTIFUL without breaking your bank, spirit or family!

Each year there is so much new stuff Ann, how do I decide?!:  Every season the stores pack out with Holiday decorations. Where do you start without losing your sanity? We walk you through how to come up with a plan that you are EXCITED about. No more standing in the aisles of Target trying to decide if that plastic decoration is right – it’s NOT! There are way more beautiful and stylish ways to create a GORGEOUS “You-Style” for your family and home or small business office. We take you inside where those stores shop BEFORE the items hit those shelves. Hint: it’s why my 1:1 client consultations sell out in June & July. Maybe next year, you can join us!

Holiday Magazines piling up? Are you STRESSED out just looking through Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Horchow Home? Do you waste time trying to decide which color to choose or what theme to go with? In Video #1 I cover “The Plan”. 5 incredibly simple steps to create YOUR STORY in your holiday home. Stop wasting time, money and then getting angry when no one in your family cares or even notices how hard you’ve worked to make a gorgeous space. By learning how to plan (this works for big or small projects), you’ll have the TOOLS to engage your home, your family (IF you want to) & learn tips for where to place and how to display collections so they don’t over-run your spaces. Clients are BLOWN AWAY at how this process puts the fun back into the holiday process.

Have you ever had a great idea for your Holiday Home and it NEVER got implemented? Hidden a box in the closet, unopened? Then THIS is for you! I made a separate video on JUST “The Execution” as part of Workshop #1. I ADDED this as a separate video so you’d have an inside track on how the pro’s set up execution. Included are things you need in EVERY space to make the installation easier. I share my BEST TIPS, how to FINISH STRONG by mapping out your home, no matter how big or small, so anyone who is “helping” you has no excuse :). As a bonus, we include a recipe for “cookie bribery” which has worked well in my home for years…

DID YOU KNOW there are actually 5 AREAS you need to consider budgeting for when creating a Holiday Home? That’s how the pro’s do it & I show you how. Now you will have the ability to DECIDE where to spend instead of just standing in the aisles of a store wondering if you can buy that wreath. In Workshop Video #2, I show you EXACTLY how we calculate costs.

This valuable tool (if you use it:) will give you your sanity back. I love all the design shows & networks, but they are ENTERTAINMENT – NOT REAL DESIGN BUSINESSES. A business pays real people to do real jobs and isn’t fueled by advertising fees like the design shows and networks are.

WHY does this matter? Because so much of what is “fed” to you about costs are lies. I want you to have TRUTH. Truth sets you free so you can make EDUCATED decisions about how much to spend and where.

In this workshop I walk you through all 5 areas of budgeting and do a real –  this season comparable of low-medium-high for an actual room. From $220 of materials to over $3,000 of materials you SEE the difference. KNOWLEDGE is POWER, but you need TRUTH to get knowledge.

STRESS FREE Holiday Home Video #3: Ok, all the boxes are out and you are about to start the sorting. What do you keep, pitch and mix in with your new items? We show you how to start the sorting and walk through a live example in my dining room where we mark off each room or space.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to throw away Aunt Alice’s special ornament (unless you kind of want to) and we will show you how to integrate collections that may not be worthy of the center stage (hint: rule of thirds & transition spaces).

Over the years I’ve designed and decorated through many styles. The EXPERT eye is what makes this different than other trainings – and I show you the PROCESS to get the expert eye.

So much of EXPERT is really PLANNING and getting “micro-shots” with “macro-views”: a fancy way to say we create small vignettes with colors & styles (aka :micro-shot) and lay them out on a table or flat surface or even Pinterest boards (aka: macto-view).

By doing this we are able to play with colors, accents, monitor the story and make decisions AHEAD of time. I walk you through the exact process we use. This simplifies SO MUCH and gives you permission to NOT use every single item you have every year.

The finish & the flourish! Don’t worry – we aren’t suggesting mirrored and glittered everything like Las Vegas (unless that’s your style choice of course) HOWEVER – what separates good from great ARE the final touches, finished off like the pros.

You should have dominion over your home. From a simple holiday home in a contemporary setting to the country look with twigs – I show you HOW to plan “Moments of Wonder” that ice the cake.

Even professional designers say “OMG – of course Ann!” “I never thought of that!” when I teach them how we create that final finish. These make a HUGE difference.

This workshop addresses the: “you don’t know what you don’t know” & is one of my favorite to share. I show you how to fix it & FINISH STRONG (hint: it has to do with moments of wonder hidden in plain sight and story telling).

I also address “enough”. There comes a point when adding one more thing takes it way over the top – even for the “Vegas Baby” crowd & that’s a no-no. Too much too much = no peace. I have some fabulous clients who love the MAX when it comes to Holiday, but even they know, the EDIT is critical.


BONUS! STRESS FREE Holiday Home Video #5: Your Holiday Home is finally finished and you are shalom-ing all the way to the living room, when the text comes in from your “s-o”. Honey – do you mind if we invite, say, 20 more people for a quick bite on Friday evening? What to do? No worries. In this BONUS VIDEO I share my best tips for Entertaining Table Top that you can whip up in a quick minute that match your decor.

My family background is in hotels. Entertaining for 60 on a whim is FUN for me – and I LOVE it. The best part? I had to learn to teach my husband and boys how to whip a party up in no time – and they are not exactly skilled decorating labor. If we can teach them, YOU’VE GOT THIS! I share my insider tricks (hint: a bolt of fabric and some scrap leather are your best friends on short notice – but you’ll need to buy the workshop to find out how)!

This BONUS VIDEO is great for all year. You’ll see what I keep in my storage closet that gets used CONSTANTLY for table settings, both formal and buffet. These tips are EASY to implement and will help you set a table with EASE & CONFIDENCE.


  • How to Plan When You Don’t Even Know Where to Start

  • How to Make it Look Luxury

  • How to Deal with Holiday Collections so they Don’t Look Cluttered

  • When to Mix in Old with New versus Using All New Decorations

  • How to Make it Flow From One Room to the Next

  • How Much it Should Really Cost

  • How to Mix When Your Year Round Decor Clashes with Holiday Colors

  • How to Know Which Rooms Need Decor

  • How to Integrate Entertaining Without Making it “Theme-y”

  • Where to Source

  • When to Let Go of Old Ornaments & When to Keep

  • How the Pro’s Really Plan for Large & Small Spaces

  • What is On Trend vs Classic

  • And more!

My passion is to BLESS and ENCOURAGE the front lines of home. I know what it’s like to ruin a family gathering or holiday with stress.

I know what it’s like to stand in a store or pour over a catalog & be paralyzed by indecision – yes, even as a pro – I’ve been in that place! It’s WHY I put our design and decorating into a SYSTEM.

Like scaffolding – it’s adaptable. There aren’t ridiculous rules you have to go by – but systems and ways to go about making decisions for your own home.

My day rate to present or teach in person starts at $4,000. For groups or conventions, it’s even higher….

By putting this material into an online course, filmed at my own home, it’s possible to give you the same access at a FRACTION of the cost.

I feel really strongly about this product. You need this. I need this!

The holidays are stressful but should be BLESS-FULL! Take the angst out of the decorating process and give yourself a gift. My husband laughs – it’s actually a gift for him – because MY level of panic and stress are gone. Peace during the holidays – what a concept!


BUY now! We only have space for 1000 people.


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Includes: Lifetime access so you can watch again and again

Bonus: Cookie Bribery Recipe for Your Family Helpers and Holiday Card Helps PDF

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